2018 1099-Misc Information and Instructions - January 3, 2019

The 2018 Tax Year 1099-Misc's are being processed. 

You will only receive a 1099-Misc if you received a distribution from the NeuBridg SUB Plan in 2018. If you DID NOT receive a NeuBridg distribution, a 1099-MISC will NOT be mailed to you.

Returned 1099's will incur a service charge of $10.00 each per the fee schedule. This charge shall be deducted from your SUB Plan account to reprocess the 1099-Misc and send it to your current employer. If you have subsequently terminated your relationship with your employer, it shall be your responsibility to contact NeuBridg, Inc. to arrange for an alternate method of delivery of your 1099-MISC.

Finally, if you do not receive your 1099-MISC by February 10, 2019, please contact Midwest Group Benefits at 563-382-9611 or NeuBridg at 515-309-2950 option 3.

Thank you.

Turbo Tax and other Tax Program Helpful Hints

We have had a few calls regarding Turbo Tax and filing instructions. Please review the following document and provide this to your tax professional.

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