NeuBridg, Inc. Announces NeuBridgVRU... - July 31, 2014

We envisioned it and now we are delivering it...


As the only Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan provider in the country that offers such advanced technology today, NeuBridg, Inc. is very proud to announce the launch of NeuBridgVRU


Designed to provide a secure and easy method to check your balance or request a distribution from the NeuBridg SUB Plan(1) , NeuBridgVRU eliminates the need for access to a computer or an internet connection. 

Regardless of where you are working or what state you are located in, all you will need is a phone and knowledge of your social security number.

Access to your account has never been easier!!!

Please contact your Plan Administrator or contact NeuBridg, Inc. for more information.

(1)  Certain Restrictions Apply. See Plan Documents for Details.

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