NeuBridg, Inc. - Filling a Marketplace Need

After more than two decades of experience in the construction industry, NeuBridg, Inc. founder Brian Tancos wanted to create a benefit plan that helps employers provide a much-needed benefit to employees who are affected by periods of unemployment caused by seasonal layoffs or corporate downsizing. Calling upon his intimate knowledge of federally funded construction projects, he collaborated with the government, legal advisors, third-party administrators, benefits brokers and others to create and offer a unique employee benefit - the NeuBridg Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan (SUB).

Through this bona fide SUB plan, employers gain a competitive advantage on prevailing and non-prevailing wage bids while potentially reducing payroll tax liability. Additionally, employees who are covered by this benefit can enjoy relatively consistent compensation during periods of unemployment or when they have a shortage of hours during the work week.

The NeuBridg SUB plan is available to employers through NeuBridg, Inc. or a participating benefits broker.

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